Tips For Club Presidents: Annual Club Trip

Being in a club is a fun thing and also a great opportunity to make memories and have a good time with people who follow similar interests to you. You can make lifelong friends and also spend time with them without spending much money on your own and you get to help the community too. But being a president of a club can be hectic for most due to documentations, months of planning and other things that you have to take care of. But an annual trip is something everyone looks forward to no matter who you are in the club. So here are some things to keep in mind when planning the trip, especially if you are the club president. #1 budget counting Make sure to keep track of the budget by keeping in touch with the treasurer. Get his or her ideas when planning other annual events and smaller events for the club as you will have to start planning for the beginning of the year for the trip. Another way you can get the budget problem out of your way is by allocating the money for the trip right from the beginning. You can visit Bfprints for more information about jersey printing Singapore. #2 getting the venue Plan the venue among the officers first and get their ideas. Put the budget through them first and ask them to come up with several places for a potential site for the annual trip (make sure to tell them to check places that offer student discounts). And then decide on three or four possible places you can use for the trip and run those four places through the members to get a vote to decide on the exact place. You will need to do this at least three months beforehand.
#3 taking count Make sure to get the RSVP list of who will be coming for sure at least a month before the trip itself. And make sure to explain clearly to the members that last minute cancels will mean that they have to pay on their own money. Member substitutions for those who are cancelling should be permitted as it will be easier for you. #4 doing the booking Make sure to ask the club advisor to do the booking for you. It will be easier for them to explain about the school and the club and negotiate the terms and budget. Do the booking at least a month before the event itself and after the count has been taken. Ask the advisor to explain that the count is not exact and will be subjected to change as there could be changed. So make sure to confirm the number again two weeks before going on the trip. #5 Polo tee printing Allocate a small budget for the professional student-friendly establishment to do Polo tee printing for the club. This will be useful and also is a must when taking the club photo at the trip. You can market the club while also having the members feel like a part of the group. Make sure to plan months ahead and confirm everything at least two weeks before the trip itself. Changes after two weeks are not allowed by the members and make sure to explain that clearly to them during the meetings.