Pros And Cons Of Running

Running is a very common exercise among anybody who wants shed some pounds. It is the easiest form of exercise as well. However there are both pros and cons to this fabulous exercise. See this link for more information about physiotherapist Singapore.


Going gym can be very expensive and not everyone has time or the money to go get gym memberships and attend classes. Running is absolutely free and can be done at your own time. All you need is proper running shoes and clothes and you are ready to shed those pounds. However if you wear worn out or bad quality running shoes, it may cause ankle pain and pain in your feet. You can get ankle pain treatment from a physiotherapist or over the counter depending on the severity of the pain.

Can cause Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an ankle pain caused mainly by running. This is a pain caused at the back of the heel. Habits such as running without properly doing the stretching exercises, running in ill fitting shoes, running for a longer period can cause this type of ankle pain. Also running can cause severe trauma to the body, the constant movements of all the joints in the body can be stressful on the joints. Running on concrete and hard surfaces can make this worse. Ankle and knee are the joints that suffer from inflammation severely due to regular running exercises. If the injury is severe home remedies for ankle pain treatment may not be sufficient. A specialist on athletic injuries can help ease the pain.

Causes dehydration easily

Most of us suffer from bloating or water retention. This is when the body holds on to the water in the body without passing it out completely. Most of it is in the stomach area. Running is high active cardio exercise which helps to reduce the water retention. It helps to flush out the excess water through sweating. Most women love running due to this reason. It also flushes out the fat easily. However this can cause serious dehydration and this effect the blood flow to the brain. If you are running in hot sun or in a highly humid area this could be worse. Dehydration can cause fainting and this sudden falling may cause injuries. Always remember to carry plenty of water when running. 

Without an age boundary many have taken running as a regular exercise, but if not done properly this could cause serious damage and injuries to your overall health. Running helps lose some weight, but at the same time if overdone could cause serious joint and muscle damage. There are pros and cons to any exercise. However unlike general circuit exercises, running involved most amount of muscles and joints. Delicate joints like ankle, knees and hips are constantly active when running, hence if proper care is not taken these cons could overtake the pros of running.