7 Ways To Get Transformed To A Sexy Look Before Your Wedding

Wedding is on the way and only three months left now. Within this period you have set the mission to look slimmer, more beautiful and go fairer. In short, you are looking for the best rather ‘pro’ version of yours. So, again, like always, we are here to help you. Three months is a long time to transform yourself from your present look to a more beautiful look. Here we go with our way outs.

1. Lose weight: Women weight loss is a damn cool process to lose weight faster in course of getting slimmer. Though it sounds easier to lose weight, actually it is not that quick process to go through. Being fluffy is not at all expected since your wedding dress will look to bad if you are not going to burn some calories.

2. Sleep more: Sound sleep of eight hours a day will always work well when you are looking for the weight loss process. In fact, if you have a habit of snoozing, this helps in getting muscles sooner. If you think eight hours sleep is not possible for you, then enjoy at least six hours’ sleep for maintaining a good health. Women weight loss Singapore gets easier a process when you sleep for sufficient hours. In fact, you can lose weight while sleeping too. But it does not mean that you should sleep for more than ten hours a day. It will affect your aim and put on extra calories. You can get a glowing skin and no more dark circles will bother you.

3. Drink water: Thirty oz of water a day is just must have. For healthier skin, good hair, better digestive system and slimmer body water has no substitute. Beer or other alcoholic drinks can never help you in this process since they will easily gather hundred calories at once.

4. Healthy diet: Fresh green vegetables, fruits, juices, fruit smoothies without sugar, and salads – switch to such healthy diet. Avoid the junk food items and skin moisture will be held up by the natural diet you are taking up.

5. Fun exercise: If you are bored up with the conventional exercise formats like pushups, jogging, skipping etc., then try the new fun exercises like kickboxing, indoor rock climbing and many more.

6. No stress: Stress makes you suffer more than usual. So say ‘bye’ to stress and enjoy every moment of your life.

7. Keep smiling: You look the best when you smile and so please keep smiling whatever the situation is.