Breaking The Short Term Extreme Diet Fad

It is common knowledge that the majority of youngsters today obsess about the perfect body and about their weight but continue to live their lives in the most unhealthy way possible by continuing to eat meat, dairy, processed food and junk food.

Fad diets of the younger generation

Sadly, the media and its obsession with the perfect body has given rise to numerous new diet fads where teenagers and youngsters are seen to be going on five day and seven day diets where they deprive themselves of nutrition in order to lose a couple of kilograms thereafter continuing with their everyday lives, going back to the same old junk food, meat and dairy based diets they followed before. Some of these absurd fad diets being followed by youngsters are the banana island diet that expects youngsters to live off solely bananas for a period of time and of course the seven day and fourteen day juice cleanses that have been common for years. Instead of taking part in these fad diets, youngsters are advised to change their overall lifestyle by cutting out meat, dairy, processed food and chemicals out of their diets permanently, and switching over to a plant based whole foods diet that is complete all around while following a strict exercise schedule such as pilates or aerobics on a long term basis.

The fact is, this deprivation of nutrition in these short term fad diets do in fact make the body lose weight in some of the most dangerous ways possible however, as soon as the diet is over the body puts on the same weight that was lost as the body craves food severely after such diets. These fad diets are extremely dangerous and they weaken the body and the body’s immune system leaving youngster widely open to illness and disease. Diet professionals, nutritionists and doctors alike strongly condemn these diet fads instead advising youngsters to become more active by taking up cycling, pilates, aerobics or even dancing regularly to help burn off excess fat while following a clean organic plant based whole foods diet that will prevent unnecessary fats and chemicals from reentering the body.

In a world where the most common food is burgers from McDonalds and burger king, it is no surprise that the majority of the United Kingdom and the United States of America is obese. It is a very alarming fact that more people in the world die of obesity than they die of hunger. It is about time that consumers took a stand and used their powers in supply and demand to wipe out establishments like Kentucky fried chicken and McDonalds so as to give ride to a healthier new generation. See this link for more information about pilates class singapore.