Ways To Promote A New Cosmetic Product

With the fast growing consumer market, it is very difficult to turn consumers form their usual products to something new. Especially if the product is going against a brand that was there in the market for a long time. There are few methods to promote a new cosmetic product and manage to gain some amount of market share in the first few months of release.


Most companies are very focused on advertisements, because it is a proven method of product promotion. However there are various branches of advertising. The usual media advertising, that is on tv, radio, print media etc and social media advertising, which includes facebook advertisements, and other social media advertisements. But not only these methods cost a lot of money and expertise, it may not really work, a method like out of home advertising campaigns would be more effective compared to the usual method everybody follows. These campaigns are usually done in places like saloons, super markets and other places where people are not bombarded with so many different product advertisements, so they can focus on what you are telling.

Promotional campaigns

Apart from advertising in social media and out of home advertising campaigns, promotion campaigns are a good way to introduce the new product. Whether its shampoo or face cream the minute you organize a product promotional campaign at a famous outlet store or at a super market, people will come to have a look. You can have activities like select the best skin, select the best hair, and give gifts and of course quiz competitions and give away the new product as a gift. When people win something it is less likely that they would throw it away compared to just getting it for free.

Free samples

If you can get a partnership with some complimentary product then you can give away your product as a free sample. For example if you are selling a new face cream, you can say with every purchase of the face wash you get the new face cream free. This could make people automatically use the new product.

Refund Challenge

If you are 100% confident about the quality of your product, you can have advertisements like 100% refund challenge. Ask them to use it and if it fails to deliver what it says you will refund 100% of their money back. People love challenges, and the sales will go sky high within the first few months for you to cover the initial costs. Afterwards you just have to maintain the popularity of the product and the quality.